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Cape Fear Valley Health System

1638 Owen Drive
Fayetteville, NC, United States

Phone: 910-615-3261
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Medical Technologist



Medical Technologist, Senior or Lead Med Tech


Medical Technologist


Fayetteville, NC 

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Full time

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Job Requirements:

Bachelor degree in Medical Technology or Clinical Laboratory Science with appropriate clinical training in the testing of neonatal, pediatric, adolescent and adult patients.
- MT(ASCP) or or MT eligible under ASCP.
Associates degree in Medical Laboratory Technology with appropriate clinical training in the testing of neonatal, pediatric, adolescent and adult patients.
- MLT(ASCP) or or MLT eligible under ASCP.


Job Description:

Responsible for the analysis of laboratory specimens and subsequent result reporting according to laboratory protocol and procedures.

Job Relationships:   Reports to:  Manager.

Oversight Functions:   Oversight and guidance functions are those responsibilities that involve directing Medical Laboratory Technicians in those decisions requiring the educational and clinical expertise of a Medical Technologist.

1. Provides direction and guidance for questions and or problems referred by an MLT concerning specimen acceptability, unusual or discrepant results and instrument or method problems.

Essential Functions:   Essential functions are those tasks, duties, and responsibilities that comprise the means of accomplishing the job’s purpose and objectives. Essential functions are critical or fundamental to the performance of the job. They are the major functions for which the person in the job is held accountable.

1. Performs accurate and appropriate testing of specimens received in the laboratory, according to established
     laboratory protocol and procedures.
a. Evaluates specimens for acceptability for proper testing.
b. Investigates and documents problems with unacceptable specimens.
c. Organizes workload for maximum efficiency in order to complete tests being performed.
d. Accurately performs tests as requested on specimens received.
e. Verifies accuracy of results before reporting results.
f. Utilizes computer functions: accesses correct patient encounter when ordering tests, enters demographic
         information correctly and orders appropriate procedure correctly.
g. Maintains appropriate supplies for work being performed.
2.  Reports test results in a timely manner and according to established laboratory protocol and procedures.
a. Reports results within time limits established for test procedures.
b. Reports results for stats, abnormals, critical values and other categories of special requests as defined by laboratory policy.
c. Documents special handling required for test results that meet outlying (established) criteria.
d. Reports trends and/or delays to Technical Specialist.
3. Follows established procedures for laboratory quality control. 
a. Performs appropriate quality control for the test procedure.
b. Accurately analyzes and evaluates QC results obtained before accepting and reporting patient test
c. Records results obtained for quality control testing as defined in test procedure.
d. Reports QC problems to Technical Specialist. 
e. Responsible for CAP, JCAHO and other regulatory agency standards.
4. Performs daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed, maintenance on instruments and equipment as appropriate.
a. Performs calibration of equipment as required.
b. Performs maintenance according to the schedule for the instrument/equipment.
c. Documents performance of maintenance procedures for the instrument/equipment.
d. Performs calibration of equipment according to scheduled intervals or receipt of reagents.
e. Documents calibration of equipment.
f. Reports instrument problems to Technical Specialist
g. Troubleshoots instruments, equipment, reagents, and patient specimens when problems occur.  
h. Follows established guidelines for troubleshooting procedures.
i. Follows established guidelines for resolving patient specimen problems.
j. Documents steps taken during the troubleshooting process.
k. Reports issues to Technical Specialist when unable to solve problems.
l. Notifies Technical Specialist when supplies, reagents, equipment are below established levels.
5.    Follows established laboratory and hospital policies for universal precautions, safety, fire safety, disasters, exposure, blood borne and airborne pathogen, hazardous materials and chain of custody procedures. 
a. Uses lab coats, gloves, barrier equipment and protective devices as required when handling specimens.
b. Follows safety policies for dress, handling and disposing of chemicals, reagents and hazardous waste materials.
c. Disinfects and cleans workbenches and equipment according to established protocol.
d. Properly disposes of contaminated equipment and hazardous waste materials.
e. Maintains work area and equipment in the condition required by department standards.
f. Attends applicable educational programs
g. Notifies Technical Specialist of problems and/or observation of non-compliance by co-workers.
6. Follows established hospital policies for maintaining a professional, responsible and courteous environment for patients, visitors and fellow employees.
a. Maintains professional composure and confidence during stressful situations.
b. Maintains open communication using appropriate chain of command regarding issues.
c. Maintains confidentiality of all hospital and patient information.
d. Presents neat appearance in proper attire and identification.
e. Supports the hospital's mission, policies and procedures.
f. Utilizes email system to communicate in a timely manner.
g. Readily accepts assignments and completes work assignments on time.
h. Reports to work on time as scheduled
7. Assists with orientation of laboratory procedures for students and/or new laboratory employees.
8.  Performs phlebotomy (as required by position and location) as appropriate for the patient requiring this procedure.
a. Accurately performs venipuncture procedures when requested or workload demands require doing so.
b. Accurately performs capillary stick procedures when requested or workload demands require doing so.
9. When requested, performs duties required to cover in Technical Specialist’s absence.


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